122D x 86W x 266H CM


Polar Slide is a family-friendly quick-play, redemption game, with a small footprint and great income potential. Players simply press the button at just the right time to let the puck go through the pass zone, doing so the puck slides down to the rotating wheel with higher ticket values and if done skillfully players could win the big-ticket bonus.

Game Features

  • Skill-based redemption game.
  • Quick and simple family-friendly game play.
  • Small footprint with big income potential.
  • Attractive snow and polar theme cabinet.
  • Player wins tickets every time they play.
  • Skill based redemption game.
  • Beautiful themed artwork and bright LED lighting throughout attracts players young and old.
  • Ideal for players of all ages.
  • Multicolor ship steering wheel creates an eye-catching feature.

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Step into the Arctic wonderland with Polar Slide, a delightful family-friendly redemption game that promises quick and exciting gameplay coupled with lucrative rewards. Designed to fit snugly into any arcade or entertainment venue, Polar Slide boasts a compact footprint while offering great income potential, making it a must-have addition to any location.

The premise of Polar Slide is simple yet engaging: players press a button at just the right moment to release the puck through the pass zone. As the puck glides down towards the rotating wheel, players have the opportunity to land it on sections with higher ticket values. With a bit of skill and precision, players can even hit the jackpot and win the big-ticket bonus!

What sets Polar Slide apart is its unique ‘event zone’ feature. When the puck lands in this special zone, players are treated to a thrilling surprise—the pass zone stops swinging temporarily, increasing their chances of landing on lucrative bonus zones. With three distinct bonus win zones and intuitive gameplay, this game keeps players coming back for more, encouraging repeat play and ensuring a steady stream of earnings.

Adding to the allure of Polar Slide is its eye-catching design. Rich blue lighting, an igloo-shaped header, and charming snowy artwork adorn the cabinet from top to bottom, creating an inviting polar-themed atmosphere that captivates players of all ages.

At its core, Polar Slide is a skill-based redemption game that offers quick and simple gameplay suitable for the whole family. Every round is an opportunity for players to win tickets, adding an element of excitement to each play session. Whether it’s the electrifying ‘Event’ and ‘Bonus’ features or the attractive snow and polar-themed cabinet, this game delivers a rewarding and enjoyable experience for players and operators alike.

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