312D x 76W x 234H CM


Skee-Ball “Glow” comes with elaborate lighting package and all the glitz and glam you’d expect from a boardwalk game in the early 1900’s when Skee-Ball was born. It’s perfect in low-lit FECs and game rooms where they need to stand out from the other bright, attention-grabbing games nearby.

Game Features

  • Alley bowlers are consistent performers in the Middle East.
  • Ensure you have a bank of 4.
  • Brimming with the glitz and a new look that reflects the vintage, glamorous style of early 1900s.
  • A must have in all arcades and FECs.

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Step into the spotlight and experience the magic of Skee-Ball Glow, where vintage flair meets modern excitement! Say goodbye to dimly lit corners and fading memories as you immerse yourself in the radiant aura of this arcade masterpiece. Picture yourself stepping onto the boardwalk of the early 1900s, surrounded by glittering lights and infectious energy—that’s the nostalgic thrill Skee-Ball Glow brings to the modern era.

This isn’t just a game; it’s a showstopper. Its elaborate lighting package casts a mesmerizing glow, transforming your game room or FEC into a vibrant hub of nostalgic excitement. With its captivating presence, Skee-Ball Glow demands attention, drawing players in like moths to a flame and outshining other flashy machines.

Beneath its dazzling exterior lies the soul of a legend. Patented in 1908, this game is the undisputed king of alley games, and this game stays true to its heritage. It retains the essence of the original, with meticulously crafted details and vintage flourishes that evoke a bygone era of handcrafted amusement, ensuring an authentic and immersive experience for players.

But Skee-Ball Glow isn’t just about looks—it boasts valuable product design updates that enhance gameplay and ensure endless fun. Link multiple alleys together and top it off with the iconic marquee to create a game room spectacle guaranteed to captivate players of all ages, offering a timeless blend of nostalgia and excitement.

But the excitement doesn’t stop there—Skee-Ball Glow is compatible with the Bay Tek GO app, a Bluetooth-enabled feature that allows you to generate customized messages across multiple lanes. Whether it’s specials for the night or personalized messages for your guests, this game Glow offers a personal touch that will warm hearts and enhance the overall experience.

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