478D x 163W x 344H CM


Game Features

  • 100% SAFE in an FEC or Gastro Gaming Environment. Players toss rubberized “real feel” axes at a physical target in this multiplayer, multi-game experience. Score Big by hitting the Bulls Eye.
  • At the start of the game, the conveyor belt delivers the Rubber Axes to the players and the axes automatically fall off the target at the end of the game.
  • Make a statement in any game room without a big hassle with this beautifully designed cabinet which includes a safety enclosure defining the play area.
  • Axe Master has been designed for effortless upkeep. The entire back cabinet is on wheels, making it easy to maneuver for setup.
  • Many will try, only few will become — the true Axe Master!

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Transform any game room into a statement of power and skill without the hassle with Axe Master, the next frontier of axe throwing! This isn’t merely a game; it’s a gateway to a realm of exhilarating competition and primal satisfaction. As the global craze for axe throwing intensifies, Axe Master transcends it into an art form right within your own game room.

Bid farewell to concerns about flying woodchips! this game features specially crafted rubberized axes that deliver the gratifying “thunk” of hitting the bullseye without any painful repercussions. Immerse yourself in the realistic weight and throw of the axes, tailored for both novices and seasoned axe enthusiasts alike.

Axe Master isn’t solely about sticking blades into targets. It serves as an arena for multiple players and diverse game modes, ensuring endless hours of spirited competition. Challenge your friends to classic axe-chucking, channel your inner lumberjack with timed challenges, or craft your own Viking saga within its realm.

Concerned about transforming your game room into a lumberyard? Fear not! Axe Master boasts a sleek design that packs a punch without monopolizing space. Its two modular sections—the safety wall and back cabinet—fit snugly under 5 feet wide. Moreover, the back cabinet glides effortlessly on wheels, simplifying setup procedures.

Many will step forward to attempt mastery of the throw, yet only a select few will seize the coveted title of Axe Master. Are you prepared to heed the call? Embrace the primal thrill, refine your skills, and assert dominance over the competition. With Axe Master, your game room won’t merely serve as a venue for play; it will emerge as a legend in the making.

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