70D x 120W x 268H CM


Bop It! is a fun and intuitive game that will bring family and friends together. Licensed by Hasbro, this arcade version of the board game will be an instant hit at your location.

Game Features

  • A single player skill-based Redemption Game.
  • Colorful & brightly lit cabinet that easily attracts attention.
  • Fun, entertaining and intuitive game play.
  • Exhilarating background music allows players to vibe as they play the game.
  • Big income potential for a small footprint.
  • Progressive bonus keeps the game fun and challenging for skilled players.

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Prepare for excitement as the beloved family favorite, ‘BOP IT!’, makes its debut in arcades worldwide. Developed by Sega Amusements and based on the immensely popular consumer game by Hasbro, this arcade adaptation promises to be an instant hit at your location, drawing players of all ages into its engaging and addictive gameplay.

‘BOP IT! Arcade’ offers a fun and intuitive experience that brings family and friends together in a thrilling competition of skill and reflexes. Players must follow voice and visual prompts to perform actions in rapid succession, earning tickets for each successful maneuver. As the game progresses, the challenges become more demanding, putting players’ skills and hand-eye coordination to the test.

Featuring a skill-based redemption format, ‘BOP IT! Arcade’ presents a lucrative opportunity for operators, offering big income potential within a small footprint. Its colorful and brightly lit cabinet is sure to attract attention, inviting players to step up and join the action. A dynamic bonus target score adds an extra layer of excitement, keeping the game fresh and challenging even for the most skilled players.

With its single-player mode, ‘BOP IT! Arcade’ offers a personalized gaming experience, allowing players to focus on mastering their techniques and achieving high scores. Whether it’s a solo challenge or a friendly competition among friends, this arcade adaptation of the classic game promises endless fun and entertainment for everyone who dares to take on the challenge.

‘BOP IT! Arcade’ is a trademark of Hasbro, and with its captivating gameplay and rewarding ticket system, it’s poised to become a must-have attraction in any arcade or entertainment venue. So get ready to bop, twist, and pull your way to victory as you experience the excitement of ‘BOP IT! Arcade’ firsthand.

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