162D x 109W x 300H CM


Snow Day’s fast-paced action will thrill children as the soft play balls “snow” down on their heads. It’s all smiles & laughter as the children gather the balls and place them into the scoring hole. The more balls you drop, the higher your score.

Game Features

  • A Single Player skill-based ticket redemption game.
  • Attractive snow-themed LED cabinet.
  • Children-friendly soft balls are used.
  • Tests the speed and agility of the player.
  • Suitable for younger audience.
  • Small footprint and high income potential ideal for arcades & FECs.

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Experience the excitement of Snow Day, an exhilarating skill-based kids’ redemption game that promises thrills and laughter for young players. As soft play balls “snow” down on their heads, children will be delighted by the fast-paced action, eagerly gathering the balls and placing them into the scoring hole to rack up points. The more balls they drop, the higher their score, leading to smiles and laughter all around.

Snow Day offers a range of features designed to enhance the player experience and maximize enjoyment. As a single-player skill-based ticket redemption game, it challenges children to test their speed and agility in a fun and engaging way. The attractive snow-themed LED cabinet adds to the immersive atmosphere, transporting players into a winter wonderland of excitement and adventure.

With children-friendly soft balls used in gameplay, parents can rest assured that their little ones can enjoy the game safely. Snow Day is suitable for a younger audience, providing entertainment that is both entertaining and age-appropriate. Additionally, its small footprint and high-income potential make it an ideal addition to arcades and family entertainment centers (FECs), offering operators the opportunity to attract a new audience and increase revenue.

In summary, Snow Day is more than just a game—it’s an experience that brings joy and excitement to children of all ages. With its fast-paced action, attractive design, and suitability for young players, Snow Day is sure to be a hit at any arcade or FEC, providing endless fun and entertainment for families and children alike.

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