84D x 104W x 181H CM


By simply moving the barrel controller left and right, players must keep the pirate balanced on the floating log while trying to collect the treasures that fall down the waterfall. Only the steadiest of swashbucklers will be able to collect the Bonus Letters to spell the word ‘PIRATES’ and win the Super Ticket Bonus!

Game Features

  • Vibrant 47” HD Screen and colorful graphics to captivate Players
  • Unique LED Lit Barrel Controller
  • Family-Friendly Ticket Redemption Game
  • Easy to play, action-packed game suitable for all ages
  • 3D molded barrel spinner controller is easy-to-use for players of just about any age
  • Small footprint redemption game.

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Prepare to embark on an exciting adventure filled with swashbuckling action and treasure galore in Sega’s Pirate Falls video redemption arcade game! Take on the role of a daring pirate captain as you navigate the perilous waters of a cascading waterfall, balancing a chest atop your head while standing on a barrel. But beware, matey, for danger lurks in the depths as bombs rain down alongside precious treasures!

In this fun and family-friendly game, players control the intrepid pirate captain using a unique molded and LED-lit barrel controller. Maneuver your swashbuckler to catch falling gems and letters, collecting them to spell out the word PIRATES and claim the super ticket bonus! But watch out for bombs that threaten to end your quest prematurely. Catch too many bombs, and it’s game over for you, me hearties!

Featuring a vibrant 47″ HD screen and colorful graphics, Pirate Falls captivates players of all ages with its immersive and visually stunning gameplay. The game’s easy-to-play mechanics make it accessible to players of all skill levels, ensuring that everyone can join in on the adventure.

With its family-friendly design and action-packed gameplay, Pirate Falls is the perfect addition to any arcade or entertainment venue. The 3D molded barrel spinner controller is intuitive and easy to use, making it suitable for players of just about any age. Plus, its small footprint ensures that it can fit seamlessly into any space, maximizing revenue potential for operators.

So gather your crew, prepare to set sail, and get ready for an epic pirate adventure like no other with Sega’s Pirate Falls! With treasure to be found and challenges to overcome, the journey awaits!

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