305D x 88W x 274H CM (per unit)


Game Features

  • Custom LED-lit rim sits on a 55″ monitor for a larger-than-life experience for each of the three unique game plays: Leaderboard Challenge, H.O.R.S.E., and 3-Point Shootout.
  • LED-lit speakers and a less than 3-foot marquee are sure to bring excitement to any game room.
  • Compete against friends locally or take on the world by connecting Rock the Rim to the web-enabled live global leaderboard with player photo and name entry.
  • Link Multiple Units for Head to Head Play.

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Get ready to uplift your basketball experience to new heights with Rock the Rim, the game-changer that blends electrifying beats with next-gen hoops, promising an adrenaline-pumping fusion of attitude and athleticism. Whether you’re into swishing, hooking, or banking shots, Rock the Rim offers three unique game modes that cater to every player’s preference.

First up is the Leaderboard Challenge, where you can showcase your skills and aim to dominate the global rankings. Hone your abilities as you rack up points and climb your way to the top, setting the bar for competitors worldwide. If you’re up for a head-to-head showdown, dive into the H.O.R.S.E. mode, where you can go toe-to-toe against friends or challenge the computer in a classic battle of basketball prowess. And for those with a sharpshooter’s touch, the 3-Point Shootout mode beckons, inviting you to drain threes from various spots on the court and cement your status as the ultimate marksman.

Immerse yourself in the gameplay as you face off against opponents with a custom LED-lit rim displayed on a colossal 55” monitor, delivering a larger-than-life experience that’s bound to leave you breathless. Coupled with upbeat music and synchronized light shows, Rock the Rim creates an electrifying atmosphere that will have you feeling the adrenaline rush with every shot you take. With three diverse game modes on offer, there’s never a dull moment, ensuring that players of all skill levels are constantly challenged and engaged.

Fuel your competitive spirit by connecting with friends locally or taking on the world through the web-enabled live global leaderboard. And for arcade owners looking to host epic tournaments, Rock the Rim offers the ability to link up to eight games in one location, setting the stage for head-to-head battles and the quest for ultimate bragging rights.

With its eye-catching design and captivating gameplay, Rock the Rim is sure to draw in players of all ages, while its competitive edge will keep them coming back for more, eager to surpass their high scores and secure their spot atop the leaderboard. And with its reputation for durability and reliability, investing in Rock the Rim is not just a game—it’s a profitable opportunity for any arcade looking to thrive in the competitive gaming market.

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