110D x 78W x 270H CM


Lil’ Ticket Monsters is the junior version of the classic Ticket Monster, the best revenue generating game across the globe. Designed for a better fit, it may seem little, but you can – WIN BIG! With three new monsters: Burp, Toot, and Grunt, you are sure to have a scary good time and also end up with a big reward.

Game Features

  • Exciting and fun sounds effects
  • Eye-catching graphics and marquee to attract guests.
  • Children-friendly pull and push handle stick to give a monstrous spin.
  • Easy to move and place in locations with limited ceiling height.

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Get ready for screams of joy with Lil’ Ticket Monsters by Bay Tek! Fear not, as this junior adaptation of Ticket Monsters brings the same excitement and fun to younger players, all with a cute monster theme that’s bound to delight.

Based on the design of Bay Tek’s megahit, Big Bass Wheel, Lil’ Ticket Monsters puts a playful spin on the classic gameplay. Players step up to the control panel and pull the handle to spin the monster wheel. As the wheel comes to a halt, players earn tickets based on the value they land on. Plus, with a progressive jackpot feature, the Monster Jackpot grows with each play until a lucky winner claims it.

In addition to its compact footprint and affordable price tag, Lil’ Ticket Monsters introduces three new adorable monster characters: Burp, Toot, and Grunt. Burp stands tall at the top, holding up the marquee, while an LCD scoreboard is nestled in his mouth. The top marquee can also be detached, making this game a perfect fit for locations with height restrictions.

From the creators of Big Bass Wheel and Ticket Monster, Lil’ Ticket Monsters boasts:

  • A proven, high-earning concept tailored for space-conscious locations.
  • Universal appeal for players of all ages, with a special allure for kids.
  • Three vibrant monster characters adorning the side, with a charming cyclops monster gracing the top.
  • A glowing single eye and LCD marquee for added visual appeal.
  • Simple gameplay—just pull the handle and spin the wheel!
  • Multiple ticket values on the wheel ensure replay value and excitement.
  • Built-in digital sounds and music enhance the attract mode and in-game experience.
  • A progressive jackpot feature, adjustable by operators.
  • Comes equipped with a standard 2-slot coin door and dual ticket dispensers, with optional card swipe compatibility.

With Lil Ticket Monsters, the fun never stops, making it an ideal addition to any arcade or entertainment venue seeking to captivate young audiences and maximize earnings in a compact space.

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