109D x 98W x 274H CM


Game Features

  • Quik Drop’s attention-grabbing cabinet and fast-paced, addictive gameplay will have your buckets overflowing with profits.
  • The new and truly quick ball dropping action game from the producers of the famous Big Bass Wheel.
  • Players simply tap a single button to tap the release of balls and aim to drop these balls into 5 buckets on a rotating table.
  • Your aim is to quickly and correctly drop 50 balls into the buckets before time runs out for the big bonus.
  • Easy to play, single button action. Middle East compliant payout settings that are operator adjustable.
  • Make a duo by adding a linking column and doubling the fun.

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Get ready to elevate your arcade experience with Quik Drop—a thrilling ticket redemption game designed to attract and excite customers with its fast-paced fun! Featuring an attention-grabbing cabinet and addictive gameplay, Quik Drop promises to overflow your buckets with profits while keeping players coming back for more.

Players are tasked with the exciting challenge of timing and accuracy as they aim to drop all 50 balls into the rotating buckets before the countdown timer runs out. As the pressure mounts and the buckets spin faster, a well-timed press of the drop button sends a cascade of balls raining down, filling the buckets and racking up tickets. Successfully catch all 50 balls to win the progressive jackpot bonus, enticing players to return time and time again for their chance at victory.

Experience double the excitement by linking two Quik Drop cabinets with our Duo linking kit, creating an even more dynamic and profitable gaming experience. Players can compete against each other or work together to fill both sets of buckets, doubling the ticket-winning potential and fostering a sense of camaraderie and competition. The linked cabinets boast a larger-than-life presence that attracts attention and draws in players, amplifying the excitement and energy of the gaming floor.

Quik Drop’s eye-catching cabinet features bold colors, dynamic lighting, and an animated display that captivates players and invites them to join in the fun. Its compact footprint makes it a versatile addition to any arcade layout, ensuring that it fits seamlessly into your business while maximizing space efficiency. With durable construction and easy maintenance, this game ensures smooth operation and long-lasting performance, providing hours of entertainment for players and consistent revenue for operators.

Increase foot traffic and engagement with Quik Drop’s fast-paced and exciting gameplay, appealing to players of all ages and skill levels. Generate consistent ticket redemption revenue with its addictive gameplay and enticing progressive jackpot bonus, keeping players coming back for more. Offer a unique linked play option that creates a social buzz and encourages repeat visits, maximizing the profitability of your arcade business.

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