147D x 133W x 272H CM (Standard) | 122D x 88W x 242H CM (Mini)


Detonate the TNT plunger to launch Willy Crash into a 3D cityscape. Aim for the tops of buildings to score big and watch Willy boogie down in a lively bonus celebration! Miss and he will hilariously crash into a number of cringe-worthy, interactive obstacles. With its novelty light up cannon that’s synchronized to game play and a plunger handle that simulates a TNT box, Willy Crash will excite daredevils of all ages.

Game Features

  • Simple control with a plunger handle that simulates a TNT box makes it fun for players of all age.
  • Eye-catching lights and sounds create an immersive arcade atmosphere.
  • Hilarious and addictive gameplay brings endless smiles and repeat plays.
  • Willy’s unpredictable bounces keep players engaged and coming back for more.
  • Challenge friends for the highest score and compete for ultimate bragging rights.
  • Available in smaller cabinet with 32” screen as Willy Crash Mini.

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Get ready to launch, laugh, and crash your way to city-stomping fun with Willy Crash—an interactive spectacle that turns losing into a hilarious adventure! Picture this: detonate the TNT plunger and send Willy soaring through a vibrant 3D cityscape. Aim for the rooftops to score big and trigger a celebratory boogie-down, but beware—a misstep sends Willy plummeting into a comedy of errors! Crash into wacky, interactive obstacles that will have you roaring with laughter, from giant rubber ducks to exploding hot dog stands.

But Willy Crash isn’t just about the pratfalls—it’s also about creating a captivating atmosphere that immerses players in the action. A synchronized light-up cannon and TNT plunger handle bring the game to life, while booming sound effects and comedic crashes add to the excitement. Plus, with its compact design and eye-catching motion LEDs, Willy Crash is sure to be a star attraction in any game room.

Look out for hidden references to classic Bay Tek titles for an extra dose of nostalgia as you crash your way through this virtual city. Whether you’re a thrill-seeking daredevil or a laughter-loving couch potato, this game offers something for everyone. So grab the plunger, aim for the sky, and prepare to crash your way to victory (or hilarious defeat) in this one-of-a-kind adventure!

And the fun doesn’t stop there—download the Willy Crash app to experience another level of excitement at home. With its smaller footprint and addressable motion LEDs, Willy Crash will draw a crowd wherever it goes. Listen for the comedic sounds as Willy crashes and booms his way through the city, and keep an eye out for spoofs on classic Bay Tek titles. Don’t miss out on the laughter and excitement—join Willy Crash for the ultimate city-stomping adventure today!

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