147D x 133W x 272H CM (Standard) | 122D x 88W x 242H CM (Mini)


Detonate the TNT plunger to launch Willy Crash into a 3D cityscape. Aim for the tops of buildings to score big and watch Willy boogie down in a lively bonus celebration! Miss and he will hilariously crash into a number of cringe-worthy, interactive obstacles. With its novelty light up cannon that’s synchronized to game play and a plunger handle that simulates a TNT box, Willy Crash will excite daredevils of all ages.

Game Features

  • Simple control with a plunger handle that simulates a TNT box makes it fun for players of all age.
  • Eye-catching lights and sounds create an immersive arcade atmosphere.
  • Hilarious and addictive gameplay brings endless smiles and repeat plays.
  • Willy’s unpredictable bounces keep players engaged and coming back for more.
  • Challenge friends for the highest score and compete for ultimate bragging rights.
  • Available in smaller cabinet with 32” screen as Willy Crash Mini.


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