217D X 83W X 256H CM


Engage in an exciting and intuitive gameplay experience as players take hold of the lever, ready to launch the ball up the playfield and into the coveted bonus ticket zone. Feel the anticipation build as the ball rolls up the playfield, triggering the swinging stoppers that hold the key to winning tickets of various denominations. With a range of ticket values skillfully placed along the ramp, Power Roll ensures that players are always rewarded with ticket winnings.

Game Features

  • 100% skill-based Redemption game that’s fun, easy-to-learn & intuitive
  • Fun, Easy-to-Learn & Intuitive Gameplay, creating the perfect balance of fun and simplicity.
  • Highly addictive gameplay that will have your players playing over and over again.
  • Eye catching cabinet design with attractive lighting effects
  • Brightly lit-controller & playfield provides excellent visibility and amplifies the gaming experience.
  • Appeals to players of all ages
  • Easily adjustable payout settings

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Introducing Power Roll, the latest jaw-dropping redemption game from SEGA that’s sure to make a statement in any arcade or entertainment venue. Whether it’s the single or double cabinet, this game stands out with its captivating gameplay and eye-catching design.

Operating the game is easy—simply pull and release the lever to launch the ball up the playfield and into the bonus ticket zone. Players of all ages will enjoy the fun and intuitive gameplay as they aim for the jackpot. The mesmerizing cabinet design, complete with attractive lighting effects, will draw patrons in and keep them coming back for more.

With its 100% skill-based gameplay, Power Roll offers a thrilling challenge for players. The simple yet addictive pull-and-release mechanism tests players’ timing and strength as they aim to win tickets. As the ball rolls up the playfield, it interacts with swinging stoppers, adding to the excitement and creating an irresistible mechanical attraction.

Featuring various ticket values along the ramp, Power Roll ensures that players always walk away with a prize. The brightly lit controller and playfield add to the game’s visual appeal, enhancing the overall gaming experience.

Whether players are young or old, Power Roll promises hours of fun and excitement for everyone. So, get the ball rolling and experience the thrill of this mesmerizing redemption game from SEGA!

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