300D x 115W x 270H CM


Step right up and experience the thrill of Break The Plate, a captivating carnival-themed game in which players are challenged to toss the ball at three interactive monitors, aiming to break the plates in a stunning display of sights and sounds. Brace yourself for an immersive experience that simulates the authentic sound and visuals of shattered plates, complete with real broken pieces scattering behind a safety protection screen

Game Features

  • Experience the action on three impressive 37″ monitors, each equipped with multiple infrared frames that accurately detect scoring in nine distinct sections on the screen, ensuring precise gameplay feedback.
  • Choose between single-player mode for individual challenges or 2-player competition mode for head-to-head battles. Each gameplay session consists of three rounds, with each round lasting 15 seconds
  • Break The Plate seamlessly blends mechanical and video gameplay elements, delivering a unique and thrilling gaming experience
  • Prepare for a variety of engaging gameplay scenarios. Whether the plate is stationary, rolling across the screen, reacting and rotating vertically or horizontally, swinging up, or popping up, each variation offers a fresh and exciting challenge
  • In competition mode, the victorious player will be rewarded with extra bonus tickets, adding a competitive edge to the gameplay and motivating players to aim for victory


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