132D x 183W x 352H CM (6’ DIAL) | 132D x 135W x 288H CM (4’ DIAL)


Step into a world of carnival excitement with Boardwalk Big Spin! Get ready to pull the lever, spin the wheel, and win big in this modern twist on a classic favorite. Give it a ‘Big Spin’ to win Big Tickets!

Game Features

  • Fantastic RGB LED & Dot Matrix Light Displays
  • Easy-to-grasp gameplay mechanics suitable to players of all ages.
  • Designed with space efficiency in mind, the game fits well within a variety of arcade layouts.
  • Available with 6’ or 4’ dials, to fit into locations of any size

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Boardwalk Big Spin stands tall as a colossal presence in the realm of redemption games, boasting an impressive size reminiscent of theme park attractions. Towering at a height of 11 1/2 feet, this game commands attention with its monumental stature, making it a standout feature wherever it is placed. Adding to its visual spectacle is the vibrant RGB LED lighting integrated throughout the cabinet, illuminating the surroundings with a mesmerizing display of colors.

The gameplay of Boardwalk Big Spin is refreshingly simple yet undeniably addictive. Players credit up and then engage in the exhilarating act of cranking the wheel. With each turn of the crank, the arrow spins faster, heightening the anticipation of a rewarding ticket win. As the neon arrow whirls around, players are captivated by the excitement, eagerly awaiting the moment it comes to rest on a value. Wherever it lands, that’s the prize they win, leaving them eager to spin again and chase even bigger rewards.

Coastal Amusements’ Boardwalk Big Spin offers a host of features designed to enhance the player experience and maximize operator earnings. Available in two sizes, including the towering 11.5-foot version and a slightly smaller 9.5-foot variant, this game caters to different venue requirements. The intuitive gameplay requires no complicated instructions—just spin the wheel and let the fun unfold.

Equipped with a large crank-spinner controller, LED numerical counters, and dual LED displays, Boardwalk Big Spin provides operators with valuable tools for managing gameplay and monitoring ticket wins. A ticket dispenser is included for seamless ticket distribution, while the standard coin door is ready for integration with card swipe systems, offering versatile payment options for players.

Whether placed in arcades, amusement parks, or entertainment centers, Boardwalk Big Spin brings the excitement of the boardwalk to any location. Its towering presence, captivating gameplay, and dazzling LED lighting make it a must-have attraction that promises hours of entertainment for players of all ages. Step right up and experience the thrill of Boardwalk Big Spin!

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