150D X 175W X 250H CM


An explosive skill-based video redemption game with retro-futuristic cabinet that takes design cues from the iconic MIB headquarters. The gameplay is both fun and exciting, as players take on the roles of Agent N and Agent V to take down aliens to win tickets. They must collect powerful weapons to stay alive and defeat the final boss. Scoring over 1,000 points awards players the big ticket “Super Bonus”.
Missions, routes, enemies and bosses change every time you play, creating a challenging yet fun gameplay experience that excites players every time. The end of each game, players are teased with the next mission to encourage repeat play.

Game Features

  • Stunning retro-futuristic upright cabinet design.
  • Huge chrome UFO billboard with Neuralyzer prop and lit MIB logo.
  • Wide range of Iconic enemies, locations and missions from the Men in Black franchise.
  • All new Tri-Barrel Plasma Guns with dual recoil system.
  • Extensive animated and reactive cabinet led lighting.
  • Animated MIB “infinity mirror” control panel.
  • 2 player skill-based video redemption game or operate on ‘Play for Fun’ mode.
  • Impressive, immersive 2.1 audio with 12” subwoofer.
  • 90 Second gameplay.
  • 55″ HD LED Screen.

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Step into the shoes of a Men In Black agent and embark on a thrilling adventure to protect Earth from dangerous alien criminals with Sega Amusements’ latest addition to the franchise. This officially licensed video redemption arcade game puts players in the heart of the action as they wield their Tri-Barrel Plasma Gun to eliminate extraterrestrial threats and earn valuable tickets. With stunning graphics displayed on a 55” HD screen, players are transported to iconic locations from the MiB movies, immersing them in the captivating universe of secret agents and otherworldly creatures.

Men In Black features a unique and stylish “future retro” cabinet design that captures the essence of the franchise. Complete with striking chrome UFO billboards, an MiB infinity mirror, and vibrant RGB LED lighting, the cabinet exudes the sleek and futuristic aesthetic of MiB headquarters. Dual-recoil based mounted guns, designed to resemble weapons from the movies, provide players with an authentic shooting experience, while a powerful 2.1ch audio system with a 12” subwoofer delivers booming sound effects that enhance the adrenaline-pumping gameplay.

Suitable for 1-2 players, Men In Black offers multiple levels and environments inspired by the MiB films, ensuring dynamic and varied gameplay experiences for arcade-goers of all ages. Multilingual support, including English, Spanish, and Turkish, accommodates players from diverse backgrounds, making the game accessible to a wide audience. Players can aim for the Super Bonus by achieving over 1000 points, adding an extra layer of challenge and excitement to each play session. With two ticket dispensers included and compatibility with both coins and card swipe systems, Men In Black is poised to become a standout attraction in arcades worldwide.

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