Hot Shot takes the classic idea behind arcade basketball and elevates it to where it will be the focal point in any game room. The flame-themed aesthetic is bolstered by the 10′ tall cabinet, regulation-size rim and a depth that puts players at the professional free throw line! Nail as many shots as you can before the clock shot counter hits zero – a simple concept but with a look this sharp, it’s a guaranteed money maker!
Like with other arcade basketball games, this is great for banking multiple units together and fostering a competitive spirit from your customers. Bay Tek is offering a new divider table accessory that allows customers to place their drinks and belongings in between the games without interfering in the gameplay.

Game Features

  • Hot Shot “Free Throw Fury” has been re-themed with a new logo, eye-catching graphic and art package.
  • Additional LED lighting illuminate the backboard, front console and front framing.
  • New sounds and lighting amplified game play and attract mode.
  • Linking has been simplified with one cable.
  • New features also include cup holder on unit, update electronics and increased accessibility for ease of service.

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Experience the thrill of the court like never before with Hot Shot “Free Throw Fury”—the ultimate revamped classic full-sized basketball game that promises excitement and competition for players of all skill levels. Standing tall with its 10-foot high regulation-sized rim and official free throw distance, Free Throw Fury is sure to become the focal point of any game room.

Step up to the challenge and test your skills under pressure as new LED lighting illuminates the hoop, enticing players to take their shot. With fresh graphics and authentic sounds that transport you to the free-throw line on the court, every moment feels like a championship game. As the clock counts down, keep your form and aim true to rack up as many points as possible before time runs out.

But the fun doesn’t end there. With its innovative design, Hot Shot “Free Throw Fury” offers head-to-head competition for friends and foes alike. Simply link two games together and challenge your opponent to a showdown on the court. With the divider table accessory providing a convenient place to set down drinks and belongings, players can enjoy uninterrupted gameplay and focus on sinking those crucial shots.

Hot Shot “Free Throw Fury” has received a fresh new look with updated graphics, an eye-catching logo, and an art package that will capture the attention of players from across the room. Additional LED lighting illuminates the backboard, front console, and front framing, enhancing the overall gameplay experience and attracting players to step up and take their shot.

With simplified linking, updated electronics, and increased accessibility for ease of service, this game is ready to take your game room to the next level. So gather your friends, hone your skills, and see who has what it takes to reign supreme on the court. Are you ready to unleash your inner basketball champion? Step up to the challenge and find out in Hot Shot “Free Throw Fury”!

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