229D x 89W x 114H CM


All new 4-player competitive PAC-MAN Battle Royale game. Battle your friends and eat your way to leader of the Pac. Destroy ghosts and other Pac-Man in unique ways with all new power-ups. Connect two cabinets for an 8-player battle! Simple. Fun. Addictive.

Game Features

  • Destroy ghosts and other PAC-MAN in unique ways with all-new power-ups.
  • Simple, Fun, and Addictive game with a brand new ranking system to see who’s the best player.
  • A perfect skill-based redemption game that is eye-catching and will appeal to players of all ages.
  • Available as 4-Player and 8-Player cabinets.

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Enter the arena of competitive munching with Pac-Man Battle Royale CHOMPionship, a revamped version of the classic Pac-Man Battle Royale that brings new excitement and challenges to the table. While maintaining the essence of the original game, CHOMPionship introduces several enhancements and features to elevate the gameplay experience.

One of the notable upgrades in CHOMPionship is the increased player capacity, supporting up to eight participants simultaneously, doubling the original capacity. Each player controls a uniquely colored Pac-Man, adding a vibrant visual element to the fast-paced action. The game’s tempo has also been intensified, with faster gameplay mechanics such as accelerated ghost consumption, injecting a sense of urgency into every round.

In addition to the familiar power pellets, CHOMPionship introduces ten brand-new power-ups, each with distinct abilities to enhance gameplay dynamics. From the traditional Gold Power Pellet for ghost consumption to the innovative Ghost Magnet for wielding captured spirits as weapons, these power-ups offer strategic advantages and add layers of depth to the competition.

Furthermore, Pac-Man Battle Royale CHOMPionship implements a robust scoring system and high score leaderboard, addressing a notable absence in the original Battle Royale. Each player’s performance is tracked through a score counter, allowing for competitive bragging rights and fostering a spirit of rivalry among participants.

To assist players in navigating the maze amidst the chaos, a helpful feature allows them to locate their Pac-Man with the press of a button, ensuring they stay in the heat of the action. This quality-of-life improvement enhances player engagement and minimizes frustration during intense gameplay moments.

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