It’s an attraction that promises hours of family-friendly entertainment, making it a must-have addition to any amusement park, carnival, or entertainment venue. This nine-slot version of the classic game is definitely a crowd puller where players “plink” their way to prizes! Players place a chip against the board and watch as it makes its way down the board into one of the predetermined prize slots!

Game Features

  • Its inviting aesthetics make it an irresistible attraction for all ages.
  • Available in multitude of configuration to best suit your location.
  • Removable board inserts allow for easy theme change.
  • Plexi-glass is added to the bottom of the board and makes changing out the prize slot amount a breeze.
  • All-weather metal frame for worry-free maintenance upkeep.

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Step right up and experience the excitement of Plink Drop, a captivating carnival game inspired by the classic Plinko! Perfect for amusement parks, carnivals, and entertainment venues, Plink Drop promises hours of family-friendly fun and excitement. This nine-slot version of the beloved game is designed to be a crowd-puller, offering players the chance to drop their way to fantastic prizes!

In Plink Drop, players simply place a chip against the board and watch with anticipation as it cascades down into one of the predetermined prize slots below. With each drop, the excitement builds as players hope to land their chip in the most lucrative slots. It’s a game of skill, luck, and endless entertainment!

Featuring inviting aesthetics and a colorful design, Plink Drop is sure to attract players of all ages. Whether you’re hosting a birthday party, corporate event, or community festival, this game is guaranteed to draw a crowd and keep them entertained for hours on end. Plus, with its versatile configurations and removable board inserts, you can customize Plink Drop to suit your venue’s theme and atmosphere, ensuring a seamless fit with your event.

One of the standout features of Plink Drop is its easy-to-maintain design. With removable board inserts, theme changes are a breeze, keeping the game fresh and exciting for repeat players. Additionally, plexiglass is added to the bottom of the board, making it easy to change out prize slot amounts and ensuring smooth operation with minimal maintenance required. Plus, with its durable all-weather metal frame construction.

This is the perfect addition to any event or venue, offering endless fun and excitement for players of all ages.

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