Slam n Jam Ultra

100W x 265D x 263H CM


Slam’ n’ Jam Ultra brings the exhilarating world of classic arcade basketball to life with a modern twist that takes the game to new heights. This immersive and action-packed street basketball experience is unlike anything you’ve encountered before, combining cutting-edge technology with the timeless appeal of friendly competition.

Game Features

  • Exciting animations and audio-visual feedback create an engaging and immersive gaming experience, making players feel like they’re on the real court.
  • The 32-inch HD TV backboard shows the timer, score, and stats, enhancing the competitive spirit and keeping players hooked.
  • The heavy-duty acrylic ball gate provides a clear view of the hoop, adding to the challenge and excitement of each shot.
  • With its sleek modern look, glowing LED lighting effects, and durable steel net, Slam’ n’ Jam Ultra stands out as a striking centerpiece in any arcade.
  • Cool soundtracks and entertaining play-by-play commentary keep the energy high and the players motivated.
  • Up to eight units can be linked together, allowing players to compete against each other, making it the ultimate showdown for bragging rights.


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