This SAM Tecno Flame Football Table features a unique illuminated playing surface. The white surface is translucent which allows light to flow through. This along with the featured open top not only gives a great view of the game but adds a stylish and modern feel to any room. The unique chrome & graphite players have been moulded with individual feet which allows the players to maintain excellent control and speed over the ball. The raised corners stop the ball from getting trapped mid-game.

Game Features

  • Sturdy Stability: Internal steel legs ensure solid support for hours of play.
  • Dynamic Lighting: Enjoy customizable ambiance with remote-controlled LED lights.
  • Premium Players: High-quality chrome and graphite metal players for precision play.
  • Enhanced Grip: Specialized two-footed players for optimal ball control.
  • Illuminated Field: Dive into the game with an illuminated playing surface.
  • Smooth Gameplay: Raised corners prevent the ball from getting stuck during intense matches.
  • Open-Top Design: Easy access for quick retrieval and setup.
  • Convenient Ball Return: Keep the action going with a built-in ball return system.
  • Easy Payment: Electronic coin mechanism for seamless operation.
  • Score Tracking: Includes two scorers for keeping tabs on the action.

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Experience Table Football Like Never Before with Tecno Flame Foosball Table!

Introducing Tecno Flame, the ultimate fusion of classic table football with cutting-edge technology. Built on the superior playing features of the SAM Futbolin range, Tecno Flame takes table football to new heights with its innovative design and advanced features.

Featuring an Iberian-style football table housed in a striking black cabinet, Tecno Flame offers a fast-paced and exhilarating playing experience. Solid rods, two-footed players, and an open top ensure optimal gameplay, while the modern twist comes with space-age chrome and graphite metal players. Available in ladies, gents, or mixed teams, these players add a contemporary flair to the game.

The real showstopper of Tecno Flame is its stunning illuminated playfield. Unlike traditional floodlights, Tecno Flame boasts a truly mesmerizing illuminated surface that captures attention and enhances the gaming experience. Controlled via remote, the color-changing lighting shimmers off the players, creating a dynamic and immersive atmosphere.

Dual coin mechanisms allow for bonus play options, making Tecno Flame Foosball Table perfect for commercial venues seeking to maximize revenue. Additionally, an optional glass holder attachment and telescopic rods cater to players’ preferences, offering customization for the ultimate gaming experience.

Tecno Flame isn’t just for commercial sites—it’s also the ideal centerpiece for exclusive home games rooms. Football table fanatics and design-conscious homeowners alike will appreciate Tecno Flame’s blend of style, durability, and exceptional gameplay.

Experience the Latin flair of ‘Futbolin,’ Spanish-style table football reinvented for the modern age. With its solid construction, flexible steel rods, and durable resin cabinet, SAM’s Futbolin tables offer both skill development and endless fun. Whether in homes or venues, SAM’s Futbolin tables complement any space while delivering unparalleled entertainment for players of all ages.

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