95D x 90W x 205H CM


Get ready to be captivated by the mesmerizing Ticket Trail claw machine – an attention-grabbing masterpiece that transforms the thrill of winning into an unforgettable adventure. An exciting, new “HYBRID” that combines a ticket redemption claw machine with a traditional style video board game.

Game Features

  • Say goodbye to ticket bundles and hello to convenience. Ticket Blocks with built-in RFID sensors streamline the process, ensuring a hassle-free and engaging experience for both players and operators.
  • The prize hole’s automatic RFID reader swiftly recognizes tickets won by the player, while the large LED display triumphantly showcases the player’s victories.
  • After each game, Ticket Blocks elegantly tilt back onto the playfield, offering a closed-loop system that simplifies operation and maintains the game’s flow.
  • The 22” back monitor introduces the thrilling Ticket Trail Game, where successful grabs pave the way for players to embark on a ticket trail.
  • With 150 ticket blocks boasting varying values, operators can effortlessly adjust the payout flexibility, ensuring that players are rewarded generously for their skills.


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