Capto Candy’s compact size makes it the perfect addition to arcades, shopping malls, motorway services, and just about any other location you can imagine! It’s an easy-to-use single-player crane that can be restocked effortlessly, ensuring endless hours of fun for everyone. With the “Win Every Time” mode, players always leave with a sweet treat and a smile on their faces!

Game Features

  • Mesmerizing 3D header lighting with gradient effects.
  • Iconic color-changing edge lighting.
  • Five lighting colors – Red, Green, Blue, Yellow and Pink.
  • Small footprint game that’s ideal for all locations.
  • Easy to re-stock and operate.
  • Win Every Time mode.

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Sega is proud to introduce the latest addition to their Capto Crane series: Capto Candy! Building on the success of the Capto Crane line, Capto Candy offers the same sleek and modern design, now tailored for grabbing sweets and treats. Each member of the Capto Crane family comes wrapped in a visually appealing contemporary package, guaranteed to make a statement in any venue, regardless of the prizes on offer. The shiny white cabinet is accentuated by neon-style LED edge lighting, diffused to perfection to ensure a seamless and captivating visual experience. Backlit 3D letters, enhanced by a rainbow effect, add an extra layer of flair to the machine’s aesthetic.

Capto Candy delivers all the excitement and fun of a traditional crane game, with a delicious twist. Players can expect the same intuitive gameplay as they maneuver the claw with standard joystick and button controls, aiming to snag their favorite bagged treats. With a specially designed 3-scoop claw, Capto Candy ensures a perfect grab every time, enhancing the gameplay experience and increasing player satisfaction. The vibrant color artwork draws attention to the sweets, enticing players to try their luck and indulge in a sweet victory.

As with other models in the Capto Crane series, Capto Candy features a mirrored back to create the illusion of a larger space, adding to the machine’s visual appeal. Measuring 32″ wide, Capto Candy is perfectly sized for candy bags, making it an ideal addition to any venue looking to offer a sweet treat to its patrons. Operators will appreciate the easy access for restocking, ensuring a smooth and efficient operation, while robust security measures provide peace of mind against tampering or theft. The machine comes equipped with a standard coin slot for immediate deployment, with options for DBA (dollar bill acceptor) and card swipe compatibility for added convenience.

Whether you’re outfitting an arcade, family entertainment center, or concession stand, Capto Candy is sure to be a hit with players of all ages. With its eye-catching design, intuitive gameplay, and delicious prizes, this machine promises to elevate the gaming experience and keep players coming back for more. Treat your patrons to a sweet surprise with Capto Candy from Sega!

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