256D x 250W x 275H CM


Prepare to be awed by Big-E, not just a crane but a statement of gaming excellence. Built upon the legacy of Elaut’s Big One Crane, Big-E redefines the arcade experience with its bold design and extraordinary features.

Game Features

  • The striking cabinet design, redesigned prize hole, enclosed player area, glass-walled frame, and mesmerizing LED light accents set it apart as a game-changer.
  • Elevate the thrill with a glass-walled frame that maximizes prize visibility, drawing players in with anticipation and excitement.
  • The colossal XXXL claws allow you to showcase an array of oversized prizes, from ticket bags to knobby balls, providing a novel attraction that keeps players engaged.
  • The claw can pick up prizes up to 6 Kg.
  • Big-E isn’t confined to a single location. Whether it’s an arcade, family entertainment center, theme park, mall, or high-traffic destination, this novelty crane attraction fits seamlessly into any setting.

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Get ready for a game-changer in the arcade world with Big-E, the ultimate statement in gaming excellence brought to you by Elaut. Building upon the renowned legacy of the Big One Crane, Big-E is a bold reimagination of arcade entertainment, boasting extraordinary features and a striking design that will leave players in awe.

Big-E stands out with its stunning cabinet design, enclosed player area, and mesmerizing LED light accents, making it a visual masterpiece in any location. The glass-walled frame enhances the anticipation and excitement by maximizing prize visibility, drawing players into the thrill of the game.

With colossal XXXL claws capable of lifting prizes up to 6 Kg, Big-E offers an array of oversized prizes, from ticket bags to knobby balls, ensuring an engaging and novel attraction that keeps players coming back for more. Whether it’s an arcade, family entertainment center, theme park, mall, or any high-traffic destination, Big-E seamlessly fits into any setting, providing endless entertainment for players of all ages.

Players step into the claw control center, ready to embark on a shopping spree in the prize pit filled with giant-sized plush toys. As the crane gantry travels overhead, players use the standard joystick to direct the massive claw, aiming to grab the perfect prize. Once the claw secures the prize, the gantry moves to deliver it to a unique prize bin, located to the player’s lower left. The prize door opens only when the prize sensor is triggered, adding an element of suspense and anticipation to the game.

With its innovative design, exceptional features, and unparalleled gaming experience, Big-E is more than just a crane—it’s a statement of gaming excellence that will leave players amazed and entertained for hours on end.

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