95D x 76W x 210H CM (Single Unit)


Win Fall is an easy to play and fun to master prize game where a player aims to push down the prize clip to release the prize. Operators can load the machine with low cost yet attractive merchandise for prize slots with wide clips and a higher cost and larger prize for the prize slots with thin clips. Choose from three striking cabinet colors as red, blue, and yellow color or line up 3 units next to each other to make a big impact. Play Till you Win Setting is available.

Game Features

  • A modern, see-through cabinet design.
  • Attractive LED lights makes this game best positioned at the entrance or as a center-piece in the FEC.
  • Available in 3 striking colors: Red, Blue and Yellow.
  • Best presented as a set of 3 cabinets to wow your guests.
  • The mesmerizing rotating prize pedestal showcases all the exciting prizes.
  • Intuitive gameplay is designed to engage players of all ages. Comes with 64 prize clips
  • Simple yet exhilarating mechanic ensures an enjoyable experience.
  • Low player controls makes it ideal for players of all ages.
  • Boasts an enormous prize storage area around the playfield thus maximize operational efficiency.

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Introducing Win Fall Revolution, the latest prize game sensation from Sega Amusements International. With its eye-catching combination of red, blue, and yellow cabinets, Win Fall Revolution stands out as a stunning visual spectacle in any arcade, FEC, or bowling center. The vibrant LED header lighting, modern see-through design, and bright interior lighting instantly draw players’ attention, making it a versatile unit that can serve as an entrance attraction or a captivating centerpiece.

One of Win Fall Revolution’s standout features is its mesmerizing rotating prize pedestal, showcasing a variety of exciting prizes. With 64 prize clips and the option to prominently display featured prizes on the top of the pedestal, Win Fall offers players plenty of opportunities to win big.

Designed for players of all ages, this game boasts intuitive gameplay that engages participants from the moment they step up to the machine. Players must carefully time their button press to unclip the prize and drop it into the win zone, creating a simple yet exhilarating mechanic that ensures an enjoyable experience for everyone.

In addition to its captivating design and engaging gameplay, Win Fall Revolution offers practical features for operators. The game features a convenient front entry, allowing easy access for operators to manage prizes and maintain the machine. Furthermore, the game boasts an enormous prize storage area around the playfield, maximizing operational efficiency and minimizing downtime.

With its small footprint and striking cabinet colors, this game is ideal for placement as a set of three, creating an even more visually impactful display. Whether players are enjoying prize and vending games or kids’ games, Win Fall Revolution offers something for everyone, with low player controls that are perfect for players of all ages.

In summary, Win Fall Revolution combines stunning design, engaging gameplay, and practical features to create an irresistible attraction for any entertainment venue. With its vibrant colors, rotating prize pedestal, and intuitive mechanics, Win Fall Revolution is sure to become a favorite among players and operators alike, providing hours of entertainment and excitement for all who play.

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