Bling King is a traditional claw grabber game just like the ones your kids play, but this time the prize booth is stuffed to the top with fabulous jewelry and some serious bling! We know that you’ll be pretending to be the world’s greatest jewel thief as you play this skillful game.

Game Features

  • Black flannelette jewelry display provides a clear view of available prizes.
  • Bright spotlights illuminate the display, making it easy to see and select pieces.
  • Prize chute is designed to protect jewelry from damage, ensuring it lands in perfect condition.

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Experience the regal treatment with Coastal Amusement’s Bling King crane machine, where you’ll reign supreme as the monarch of earnings in your arcade, mall, or Family Entertainment Center. This joystick-operated skill game and instant prize dispenser are designed to dazzle players and spectators alike with its contemporary theme and focus on “bling” jewelry prizes such as necklaces, bracelets, and more. With its opulent display of glitz and glamour, the Bling King is guaranteed to command attention no matter where it takes center stage.

Available in both 31″ and 40″ size models, the Bling King boasts a host of features tailored to elevate the player experience and maximize operator profits. Easy-to-use joystick controls put players in command as they maneuver the claw in pursuit of their desired treasures. The machine’s mirrored backing, adorned with holographic sticker trim, adds an extra layer of sparkle and sophistication, enhancing its appeal to players of all ages.

In addition to its eye-catching aesthetics, the Bling King offers practical features designed to streamline operations and optimize revenue generation. Shelf space along the back of the machine provides a platform to showcase specific prizes, enticing players with a tantalizing glimpse of the treasures that await. Programmable pricing and options empower operators to customize the machine to suit their needs, while adjustable claw strength ensures fair and challenging gameplay for players of all skill levels.

With built-in prize detection, tempered glass, and security lock loops, the Bling King prioritizes safety and security, giving operators peace of mind knowing that their investment is well-protected. The machine ships with an electronic coin comparator, making it ready for immediate deployment with traditional coin operation, while options for DBA or card swipe compatibility offer additional flexibility in payment methods.

Embrace the royal treatment and elevate your establishment to new heights of success with Coastal Amusement’s Bling King crane machine. With its irresistible allure and lucrative earning potential, the Bling King is your ticket to reigning supreme in the realm of amusement entertainment.

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