E-CLAW 900

106D x 90W x 211H CM (1 Player) | 106D x 177W x 211H CM (2 Player)


The E-Claw 900, the most popular version, comes in two formats, 1 Player and 2 Player. Both models feature the long life and energy saving RGB glow lighting effect.

Game Features

  • The E-claw 900 series boasts a modern and attractive cabinet design, making it a standout addition to any arcade or entertainment venue.
  • Featuring energy-efficient RGB LED lighting, the E-claw 900 series provides lower energy costs and longer-lasting illumination.
  • Operators can easily change the cabinet’s color or set it to automatically shift colors for added visual appeal
  • The brand-new “IntraXion” control system streamlines crane operation, allowing for precise control of payouts and adjustable tease factors
  • Perfect for various locations, including arcades, bars, shopping malls, and service stations, this crane offers versatility and profitability for any business

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Experience double the excitement and twice the fun with the E-Claw 900 Series, the pinnacle of crane gaming innovation. Available in two thrilling formats – 1 Player and 2 Player – the E-Claw 900 redefines arcade entertainment with its cutting-edge features and captivating gameplay.

At the heart of this Series lies its iconic RGB glow lighting effect, renowned for its longevity and energy-saving benefits. Whether it’s the mesmerizing glow of a single-player setup or the dynamic ambiance of the dual-player configuration, the vibrant LED lighting enhances the gaming experience while minimizing operational costs.

The E-Claw 900 Series boasts a sleek and modern cabinet design, elevating the aesthetics of any arcade or entertainment venue. Its eye-catching appearance makes it a standout attraction, drawing players in with its irresistible allure. Moreover, operators have the flexibility to customize the cabinet’s color or opt for automatic color-shifting for added visual impact.

With the brand-new “IntraXion” control system, crane operation reaches new levels of precision and efficiency. This cutting-edge technology empowers operators to fine-tune payouts and adjust tease factors with ease, ensuring optimal gameplay balance and player satisfaction. Whether it’s adjusting settings for a single-player experience or orchestrating competitive battles in the dual-player setup, the IntraXion control system delivers unparalleled control and versatility.

Versatile and adaptable, the E-Claw 900 Series is perfectly suited for a wide range of locations, from bustling arcades to laid-back bars, bustling shopping malls, and convenient service stations. Its compact footprint and profitability make it an ideal investment for businesses seeking to enhance their entertainment offerings and drive revenue growth.

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