D82 x W151 x H221 CM


Prepare for a thrilling arcade experience like never before with Bounty Ball Bonanza. This unique prize merchandiser game offers a refreshing twist on gameplay, inviting players of all ages to capture as many balls as possible and score big before the clock runs out.

Game Features

  • Experience the excitement of capturing balls and strategically placing them in the score hole before the time limit expires, turning every moment into a pulse-pounding challenge.
  • Designed to cater to players of all ages, Bounty Ball Bonanza offers a gameplay experience that’s easy to understand and impossible to resist.
  • Reach into the opening in the cabinet and skillfully capture as many balls as possible, aiming to secure a top score.
  • The RFID tagged balls, each adorned in different colors, correspond to various scores. Use your strategy to maximize your score potential.
  • As the time ticks away, the excitement builds. Once the clock stops, the scores are tabulated, and players are rewarded with prizes based on their accomplishments.


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