131D x 120W x 211H CM


The E-Claw Cosmic is an enticing crane designed to capture large plush toys and sports merchandise. This crane is fully equipped with environment friendly RGB LED lighting which means lower energy costs and a longer life for the lighting.

Game Features

  • A Sleek, Modern Look with Light-Emitting Facades and White Lacquered Aluminum Profiles.
  • Customizable Color Options to Suit Any Venue’s Aesthetic.
  • Perfect for size 5 plush/toys.
  • Experience Seamless Operation with the New “IntraXion” Control System, Optimizing Payouts and Tease Factors for Enhanced Success.
  • The widest footprint of the E-Claw cranes at 43”, making this crane worthy of centerpiece attention – especially with the glow light effect!

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Introducing the E-Claw Cosmic, the ultimate crane experience for operators seeking to elevate their arcade with larger prizes and cosmic fun! Designed to handle size 5 plush toys and sports merchandise, this enticing crane boasts a sleek, modern look with light-emitting facades and white lacquered aluminum profiles that command attention from every angle. But what truly sets this game apart is its customizable color options, allowing operators to create a stunning visual display that perfectly suits their venue’s aesthetic.

Operators will appreciate the game-changing features of the E-Claw Cosmic, starting with its innovative “IntraXion” control system. This cutting-edge technology maximizes players’ fun by optimizing payouts and tease factors, ensuring an enhanced gameplay experience with every play. With seamless operation and precise control, operators can trust the E-Claw Cosmic to deliver excitement and satisfaction to players of all ages.

With the widest footprint at 43 inches, the machine demands centerpiece attention in any arcade or entertainment venue. Its glow light effect adds to the allure, drawing players in and enticing them to try their luck at grabbing big prizes. Plus, with its environment-friendly RGB LED lighting, operators can enjoy lower energy costs and longer-lasting illumination, making the E-Claw both thrilling and sustainable.

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