150D x 100W x 215H cm


This is a special Kiddie Ride known for its super-size and unusual seat movement. The ride offer a fun experience and adorable photo opportunities with Hello Kitty background.

Game Features

  • A 1 seater kiddie ride in Hello Kitty theme.
  • The ride moves both clockwise and counterclockwise, drawing full circles and semi-circles.
  • Cheerful tunes alternate during every run and match the LED lights for a synchronized choreography.
  • Equipped with a safety belt to ensure the child’s maximum safety.
  • Additional sensors to stop the ride in case anyone tries to climb it while in operation.
  • Equipped with Stop and Reset buttons to stop and resume the run without losing the game.
  • Includes wheels and tow-hooks for easy transport.

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Experience endless smiles, laughter, and the timeless charm of this special Hello Kitty Fun House! Known for its super-size and unique seat movement, this ride promises a fun-filled adventure and adorable photo opportunities against a backdrop of Hello Kitty.

This kiddie Ride features a single seat adorned with the beloved Hello Kitty theme, inviting children to embark on a delightful journey. With its ability to move both clockwise and counterclockwise, drawing full circles and semi-circles, the ride offers a dynamic and engaging experience that will captivate young riders.

As children enjoy their ride, cheerful tunes play along with synchronized LED lights, enhancing the atmosphere and creating a magical choreography that adds to the excitement. Safety is paramount, and our ride is equipped with a safety belt to ensure maximum security for children. Additional sensors are in place to automatically stop the ride if anyone attempts to climb aboard while it’s in operation, providing added peace of mind for parents and operators.

For added convenience, this Hello Kitty Fun House features Stop and Reset buttons, allowing operators to pause and resume the ride without interrupting the game. Plus, with wheels and tow-hooks included, transportation is a breeze, making it easy to bring the fun to various locations.

In summary, our special Hello Kitty Fun House offers an unforgettable experience filled with smiles, laughter, and the timeless charm of Hello Kitty. With its vibrant theme, dynamic movements, and emphasis on safety and convenience, this ride is the perfect addition to any amusement park, playground, or family entertainment venue. So come along for a ride and create cherished memories with Hello Kitty!

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