300D x 160W x 290H CM (twin unit)


A video bowling alley concept that blends the physical fun of an alley roller with the versatility of a video game. Crafted to test your accuracy and finesse, this innovative arcade experience promises hours of competitive and engaging fun for players of all levels.

Game Features

  • Combines the physical fun of a traditional alley bowler with the flexibility of a video game that translates real ‘ball rolls’ into software.
  • Sensors detect the speed, angle & spin of the ball and this gets translated on-screen.
  • Sold as two lanes with a striking marquee, allowing for single or dual play to unleash the earnings!
  • Linkable up to 3 units/6 alleys for HEAD to HEAD play & create your own mini bowling alley in your FEC.

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Lane Master Extreme is not your average bowling arcade game—it’s a revolutionary digital experience that pushes the boundaries of fun and excitement! Building upon the success of the original Lane Master, this extreme upgrade introduces innovative features, a sleek new design, and powerful “power-up” balls that will transform your bowling adventure.

At its core, Lane Master Extreme is a fusion of physical and digital entertainment, offering both single and multiplayer modes for players to enjoy. Whether you’re going head-to-head with friends or challenging yourself to beat your own score, Lane Master Extreme delivers non-stop thrills.

The objective is simple: hit as many pins as you can within the time limit. But what sets Lane Master Extreme apart are the unique power-ups scattered throughout the game. Collect these power-ups to gain a competitive edge and unlock hidden superpowers by scanning QR-code Power Balls. Plus, with a prize wheel offering bonus tickets and Power Ball Prizes, every roll becomes an opportunity for victory.

But Lane Master Extreme isn’t just about power-ups and prizes—it’s also about versatility. Players have the option to play without Power Balls, hopper, or scanner, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the game their way.

This game revolutionizes the arcade bowling experience by seamlessly blending physical and virtual elements. Utilizing sensors to translate real rolls into the virtual world, players can roll the ball down the lane and watch their hits come to life on the screen. With traditional bowling rules and a sleek neon-lit design, Lane Master captures the essence of a classic alley roller while introducing exciting bonus games only possible in the digital realm.

Featuring three monitors—one for each player and an additional monitor in the middle marquee area—this game provides a fully immersive gaming experience. Not only can players track their scores in real-time, but operators can also display custom promotional content to drive earnings and enhance the overall arcade atmosphere.

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