Looney Tunes Red Zone Rush is a fun four-player game experience featuring dozens of mini footballs labeled with different letters and tickets values on a rotating playfield

Game Features

  • A fun colorful center piece 4 Player cabinet that is also super big on REVENUE.
  • Attractive Led lighting and huge cabinet presence
  • Players time the push of the button to make their Looney Tunes player RUSH forward and push the mini footballs into the TOUCHDOWN ZONE.
  • All Mini football shave built in RFID chips and the touchdown zone has built in RFID sense the ticket value of the footballs and the alphabets on each ball.
  • Payers also win collectable trading cards featuring Looney Tunes characters by pushing footballs labelled card! Into the touchdown zone
  • At the end of the game, footballs are automatically deployed to the rotating play zone.
  • Multiple Bals with varied ticket values supplied with the game to enable operators to set pay-out to suit

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Get ready to dive into the excitement with Looney Tunes Red Zone Rush, the ultimate four-player game experience that promises endless fun and lucrative rewards! This vibrant and colorful game features a rotating playfield adorned with dozens of mini footballs, each labeled with different letters and ticket values, creating a dynamic and engaging gameplay environment for players of all ages.

At the heart of the action is a captivating four-player cabinet, serving as a vibrant centerpiece that not only enhances the gaming experience but also drives revenue for operators. With its attractive LED lighting and impressive cabinet presence, Looney Tunes Red Zone Rush is sure to draw attention and keep players coming back for more.

Players will test their timing and skill as they push the button to make their chosen Looney Tunes character rush forward, aiming to push the mini footballs into the coveted touchdown zone. Each mini football is equipped with a built-in RFID chip, allowing the game to accurately sense the ticket value and alphabet associated with each ball. Additionally, players have the chance to win collectible trading cards featuring beloved Looney Tunes characters by successfully pushing footballs labeled with “card” into the touchdown zone.

As the game progresses, footballs are automatically redeployed to the rotating play zone, ensuring non-stop action and excitement throughout gameplay. With multiple balls supplied, operators have the flexibility to adjust payout settings to suit their preferences, providing a customizable experience that caters to their specific needs and objectives.

This isn’t just a game—it’s an immersive entertainment experience that brings together the beloved characters of Looney Tunes with the thrill of football and the excitement of winning big. Whether you’re a die-hard fan of the Looney Tunes franchise or simply seeking a high-energy game that delivers big returns, Looney Tunes Red Zone Rush is guaranteed to delight players and operators alike. Dive into the fun today and experience the rush of victory with Looney Tunes Red Zone Rush!

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