258D x 110W x 249H CM


Game Features

  • A perfect skill-based redemption game that is eye-catching and will appeal to players of all ages.
  • The moving Pac-man head makes the game addictive, challenging, and even more fun and encourages repeat play.
  • Each ball you land into the Pac-man mouth translates as power pellets dropping down a scattered field on the video screen, enabling players to collect power-ups, extra points and bonuses.
  • Hit the 10-second Freeze feature to freeze the moving Pac-man heads for a scoring frenzy.

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Get ready to embark on a nostalgic journey with Pac-Man Power Pellets, a thrilling new redemption game by Bandai Namco Amusements that puts a modern twist on the classic Pac-Man experience.

In Pac-Man Power Pellets, players are tasked with feeding three Pac-Man heads by tossing balls into their mouths. Each successful toss digitizes the balls, transforming them into virtual entities displayed on the video screen below. These digital balls then cascade among a variety of pegs, with moving bonuses inspired by the original Pac-Man arcade game, such as cherries, strawberries, and keys. These bonuses not only reward players with extra points but also activate new colors in certain Pac-Man heads, leading to higher scoring opportunities. The goal is to rack up as many points as possible before the time runs out and claim your tickets!

Featuring three molded Pac-Man heads, each equipped with RGB LEDs that change color to indicate different scoring levels, Pac-Man Power Pellets offers a visually stunning and immersive gameplay experience. The heads targets will also move at certain times to increase the challenge and excitement for players.

With its timed gameplay and 32″ HD LCD panel displaying the virtual ball drop play and bonuses, Pac-Man Power Pellets offers non-stop action and entertainment for players of all ages. The game’s RGB LED-infused T-molding and etched plastic barriers add to the visual appeal, creating an atmosphere that captures the spirit of the iconic Pac-Man franchise.

Equipped with a ticket dispenser and compatible with e-Tickets, this game offers a versatile and convenient redemption experience. Whether you prefer to pay with coins or swipe a card, this game is ready to deliver hours of fun and excitement for arcade enthusiasts everywhere.

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