240D x 77W x 240H CM

Colorful pac-man alley bowler with great music. It comes with LED screens on the side panels with pac-man graphics making this alley bowler stand out in your arcade.

Game Features

  • Based on the classic skeeball game.
  • Vibrant cabinet design with exciting Pac-man graphics
  • Sleek LED lighting gives a retro-inspired look and feel.
  • Eye-catching LCD scoring screen.
  • Addictive gameplay suitable for all ages.
  • competitive two-player mode turns the heat up to earn high score.
  • Available as single or twin lane machine.

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Get ready to roll with the vibrant and exciting Pac-Man Roller! This colorful twist on the classic skeeball game brings the beloved Pac-Man characters to life in a thrilling arcade experience that’s sure to captivate players of all ages.

With its eye-catching cabinet design adorned with Pac-Man graphics, this alley bowler stands out in any arcade setting. LED screens on the side panels further enhance the Pac-Man theme, immersing players in the iconic world of the beloved video game character.

Sleek LED lighting adds a retro-inspired look and feel to the game, creating an atmosphere of nostalgia and excitement. As players aim to roll their balls into the targets, they’ll be treated to a visually stunning display that brings the Pac-Man universe to life.

The game features an addictive gameplay experience that stays true to the classic skeeball format. Players will enjoy competing against each other in the competitive two-player mode, where the heat is turned up as they strive to earn the highest score possible.

An eye-catching LCD scoring screen keeps track of players’ progress, adding to the excitement and immersion of the gameplay experience. With its intuitive controls and engaging gameplay, the Pac-Man Roller is suitable for players of all skill levels, making it a hit for families and arcade enthusiasts alike.

Whether it’s enjoyed as a single-player game or in the competitive two-player mode, the Pac-Man Roller offers endless hours of entertainment and fun. Available as a single or twin lane machine, arcade owners can choose the configuration that best suits their venue and audience.

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