99W x 211D x 208H CM


The popular Ring Toss is now available in Junior Version with reduced depth for operations that are tight on space. Players are challenged to toss rings around the bottles on the playfield.

Game Features

  • The game boasts 46 molded bottles, each lit with RGB LED’s for an impressive and colorful playfield.
  • It’s is equipped with a 32″ LCD to add to the appeal and excitement.
  • Players aim to ring as many bottles as they can within the allowed time to score big.
  • Shorter Depth makes the Junior version of Ring Toss even more fun for the younger players.
  • An optional deluxe bonus sign is available to connect multiple games.

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Step right up and experience the timeless thrill of ring tossing with Ring Toss Jr. by Coastal Amusements! This classic carnival game gets a modern twist in a more compact design, perfect for fitting into a variety of venues and spaces.

Playing Ring Toss Jr. is as simple as it sounds, offering easy-to-understand gameplay that appeals to players of all ages. With a limited amount of time and rings, players aim to toss their rings onto the 46 target bottles scattered across the playfield. Each bottle is worth different points, with those further back offering higher scores. Keep an eye out for blinking bottles, as they indicate a chance to score bonus points! To enhance the experience, an HD video display is built into the back of the game, showing current scoring information and adding to the excitement.

What sets Ring Toss Jr. apart is its compact design, making it versatile and suitable for a wide range of locations. Whether it’s a bustling arcade or a cozy game room, Ring Toss Jr. can find its place and entertain players for hours on end. Operators can even bank multiple units together, linking them with a progressive bonus sign to maximize income and draw in more players.

Despite its smaller size, this game doesn’t skimp on features. The game boasts mesmerizing RGB LED lighting effects that illuminate the translucent bottles, creating a captivating visual spectacle. With 33 bottles integrated into the playfield, players have plenty of opportunities to test their skills and aim for high scores. Designed for accessibility and ease of play, Ring Toss Jr. is suitable for players of all skill levels. Simply toss the rings and aim for as many bottles as possible to rack up points and win tickets. Plus, with automatic ring removal and reloading, gameplay is seamless and hassle-free.

Each unit comes equipped with a ticket dispenser and a standard coin door, making it easy for operators to set up and start generating revenue. For venues looking to add a touch of classic fun with a modern twist, this game is the perfect choice. Step right up and see if you have what it takes to master this timeless carnival game in its compact and exciting new form!

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