91D x 82W x 208H CM


An exciting skill prize vend machine whereby players only need to cut a small thin piece of string to win the big prize which can fill the whole machine!

Game Features

  • An exhilarating skill-based prize vending machine featuring a single, coveted prize suspended on a string inside the cabinet.
  • Players must press and hold a button, skillfully guiding the metal cutters to the perfect moment to release and cut the string.
  • With its captivating gameplay and the allure of a grand prize, the machine is designed to entice players seeking an unforgettable arcade experience.
  • Successfully cutting the string triggers an attention-grabbing alarm, signaling the big win for all to see and hear.
  • The Mercy Redemption feature allows operators to set a generous ticket payout for every play, enhancing player satisfaction.
  • Available in eight vibrant colors to suit any arcade setting.


Skill Cut Winner offers a thrilling opportunity for players to showcase their skill and win big. Similar to SLGC’s popular cutter game, Cut Ur Prize, Skill Cut presents a unique twist with a focus on one giant prize. Players must demonstrate precision and timing as they attempt to cut the string holding the coveted prize in place. By aligning the scissors and pressing the button, they activate the mechanism, which moves forward as long as the button is held. Upon release, the scissors close, aiming to sever the string. Success unlocks the door, granting access to the prize within the machine. However, if the string remains intact, players can feed the game another credit and try their luck again.

Skill Cut Winner boasts several features designed to enhance the player experience. Its sharp aesthetic combines a high-contrast black, red, and white color theme, ensuring visibility and drawing attention to the game. With basic single-button controls, players can easily engage with the gameplay. The machine holds one impressive prize, whether it’s a giant plush toy or larger electronics, adding to the excitement of potential winnings.

To guide players, easy-to-follow instructions are printed on the front of the game, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable gaming experience. The reliable scissor mechanism is equipped with easily replaceable blades and strings, ensuring smooth operation and minimal downtime. White LED lights highlight the prize inside, adding to the anticipation and drawing players in with their enticing glow. Additionally, cute digital music accompanies the gameplay, enhancing the overall atmosphere and immersing players in the excitement.

Equipped with a single coin acceptor and DBA readiness, Skill Cut Winner offers convenience and flexibility for operators. For those looking to expand their prize offerings, additional prize strings are available upon request. With its combination of engaging gameplay, attractive design, and potential for big wins, Skill Cut Winner is sure to be a hit at any entertainment venue. Whether players walk away with the ultimate prize or come back for another try, this game delivers thrills and excitement that keep them coming back for more.


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