D259 x W100 x H300 CM (SINGLE UNIT)


Give your guests a good chuckle with this brand-new, attention-grabbing game that tasks players to toss balls into the bowl to win big! Win the big bonus by tossing all 50 balls through the three closing lids. Counted ball intervals triggers lid closing with a smaller target after each lid drops. Silly Sounds and Graphics will add more laughs to the fun of the game play.

Game Features

  • A classic ball toss game with an hilarious twist.
  • Eye-catching, quirky graphics and LED lights attracts players from across the game room.
  • Amusing sound-effects and competitive gameplay ensure repeat play and increase revenue.
  • The game gets progressively challenging as the toilet lid is triggered to close down creating smaller targets to toss the balls.
  • Guaranteed to bring smiles and laughter to your arcade.
  • Small footprint makes it a perfect addition to any FECs.
  • For a splashin’ good time link two cabinets together and activate the progressive bonus feature.

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Introducing Toilet Bowl Toss: the arcade sensation that combines hilarious gameplay with profit-boosting potential! Aim, toss, and score big laughs and tickets with this single-player arcade game that’s perfect for families and friends alike.

In Toilet Bowl Toss, players become sanitation sensations as they scoop the poop and fill the toilet bowl before time runs out. The goal? Sink all 50 “poop” balls (soft, colorful foam balls) into the giant toilet bowl with precision and accuracy. But beware—the pressure mounts as counted intervals trigger the toilet lid to close, shrinking the target and adding to the challenge and hilarity!

As the game progresses, silly graphics and wacky animations keep players engaged and entertained, ensuring laughs and excitement for everyone involved. And with its three-foot wide cabinet, friends and families can join in on the fun of this single-player frenzy arcade game, creating a social atmosphere that’s perfect for any arcade setting.

But Toilet Bowl Toss isn’t just about fun—it’s also about boosting profits and creating memorable experiences for players. Link two cabinets together to activate the progressive bonus feature, encouraging repeat play and doubling your earning potential. This unique multiplayer option creates a social buzz and attracts even more players to your arcade, increasing foot traffic and engagement.

With Toilet Bowl Toss, you’re not just offering a game; you’re offering an experience. Its lighthearted theme, silly sound effects, and competitive element make it perfect for families and groups of friends looking to create lasting memories together. And with its addictive gameplay and progressive bonus feature, you can generate consistent ticket redemption revenue while keeping customers coming back for more.

So, boost your arcade’s appeal with this game and flush out fun and profits like never before! With its unique gameplay, social atmosphere, and profit-boosting potential, Toilet Bowl Toss is sure to become a favorite among players of all ages.

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