Treasure Cove is a 2-player arcade video fishing game. Players assume the role of skilled anglers, leveraging realistic reel tension to hook a variety of underwater treasures. The impressive 75” LED monitor brings the underwater world to life. With stunning graphics and detailed animations, you’ll feel like you’re really sailing the high seas.

Game Features

  • Impressive 75” LED monitor.
  • 2-player fishing game perfect for all ages.
  • Hook the “booty” with realistic reel tension mechanisms.
  • Collect 4 maps to enter the new BONUS stage.
  • Use skill, timing and technique to win tickets.
  • Catch the lobster king to win BIG.

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Prepare to embark on a thrilling fishing adventure with Treasure Cove—a 2-player arcade video game that promises excitement and rewards for players of all ages. Set sail on the high seas and test your skills as you navigate the depths in search of underwater treasures.

In Treasure Cove, players assume the role of skilled anglers, using realistic reel tension mechanisms to hook a variety of valuable “booty.” With stunning graphics and detailed animations displayed on an impressive 75” LED monitor, the underwater world comes to life like never before. From shimmering fish to elusive lobsters, every catch brings players closer to riches beyond their wildest dreams.

But the challenge doesn’t end there. In addition to mastering the art of fishing, players must also collect four maps to unlock the new BONUS stage—an exciting opportunity to reel in even bigger rewards. With skill, timing, and technique, players can win tickets and claim their place as the ultimate treasure hunter.

One of the highlights of Treasure Cove is its 2-player design, making it perfect for friendly competition and cooperative gameplay. Whether playing solo or teaming up with a friend, the thrill of the hunt is amplified as players race to hook the elusive lobster king and claim the ultimate prize.

With its realistic reel tension mechanisms and immersive gameplay experience, Treasure Cove is sure to keep players hooked for hours on end. So cast your line, reel in the adventure, and discover the treasures that await in Treasure Cove. Are you ready to set sail and claim your fortune? Step up to the challenge and see if you have what it takes to conquer the high seas!

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