95D x 76W x 210H CM (Single Unit)


Win Fall is an easy to play and fun to master prize game where a player aims to push down the prize clip to release the prize. Operators can load the machine with low cost yet attractive merchandise for prize slots with wide clips and a higher cost and larger prize for the prize slots with thin clips. Choose from three striking cabinet colors as red, blue, and yellow color or line up 3 units next to each other to make a big impact. Play Till you Win Setting is available.

Game Features

  • A modern, see-through cabinet design.
  • Attractive LED lights makes this game best positioned at the entrance or as a center-piece in the FEC.
  • Available in 3 striking colors: Red, Blue and Yellow.
  • Best presented as a set of 3 cabinets to wow your guests.
  • The mesmerizing rotating prize pedestal showcases all the exciting prizes.
  • Intuitive gameplay is designed to engage players of all ages. Comes with 64 prize clips
  • Simple yet exhilarating mechanic ensures an enjoyable experience.
  • Low player controls makes it ideal for players of all ages.
  • Boasts an enormous prize storage area around the playfield thus maximize operational efficiency.


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