225D x 84W x 244H CM


In DROP IT DROP IT, players embark on a captivating journey where precision and timing are key. A skill-based game with the thrills of moving trams and ball drop at the right spot.

Game Features

  • Big eye-catching cabinet design with LED Lit targets on the game play field.
  • Players press the button to drop a big ball carried in a large tram moving back and forth.
  • Time your BALL DROP to land into the BONUS HOLE.
  • If you miss the Bonus, your ball will land into a hole with a designated ticket value.
  • Players require the ability to sense the speed of the moving tram.

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Drop It Drop It offers an exhilarating arcade experience where players control the ball drop mechanism with precision using a single button. With its easy-to-learn yet challenging gameplay, this game appeals to players of all ages, making it a perfect addition to any arcade or entertainment center. The vibrant RGB LEDs illuminate the nine target holes, each offering different point values, providing players with endless opportunities to aim for high scores and win exciting ticket rewards.

Crafted by the same talented team behind Power Roll, Drop It Drop It features an impressive cabinet design that maximizes space efficiency, allowing for multiple units to be banked together for enhanced gameplay options. The self-contained playfield ensures uninterrupted gameplay, eliminating concerns about lost or stolen balls, while digital sounds and music add to the immersive arcade experience. Players can test their skills and aim for the Bonus target for a chance to win a mega ticket prize, adding an extra layer of excitement to the game.

Despite its thrilling gameplay, this game maintains a compact footprint, making it suitable for various arcade settings. Equipped with a ticket dispenser and compatible with both coin and card swipe systems, this game offers flexibility and convenience for operators and players alike. With its captivating design and rewarding ticket prizes, this game promises hours of entertainment and fun for everyone who takes on the challenge.

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