Princess Castle features a story-book theme that appeals to kids’ fairy-tale fantasies. All they have to do is toss the colored balls into the targets for points, getting as many as they can within the time limit. Players are awarded 10 points for the window targets and 5 points for all other targets. The lovely pink and purple cabinet is adorned with towers and trellises to complete the appeal. A sweet princess voice announcer and fanciful music further transforms the game into a scene out of a fairy-tale book for the kids. Players can earn double points during game frenzy mode near the end of the game!
Operators can configure settings including game duration and ticket payout options – for tickets, coupons, or amusement only.

Game Features

  • Ball toss game that provides another kind of experience that you only get at the arcade
  • Toss the balls into the castle targets for points & tickets
  • Fantastic kids castle design with 3D molded parts
  • LED lighting highlights game targets & features with the perfect level of illumination
  • Large red numerical LED display to show scoring
  • Toss balls included with purchase
  • Features a standard single-slot coin door and ticket dispenser; card swipe ready
  • Combine with LAI’s Pirate Battle and Choo Choo Train to create a “Kids Challenge Wall”
  • Ticket dispenser can be deactivated for Amusement Only play

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