119D x 104W x 231H CM


Get ready for an electrifying and skill-based prize redemption experience with The Hand. Suitable for all ages, this captivating game challenges players to time their moves perfectly for a chance to grab exciting prizes. Master the art of precision and claim your rewards with each push of the button!

Game Features

  • Engage in a dynamic gameplay experience by skillfully using the button to maneuver The Hand up, down, and sideways. The timing is everything – release the button in the prize win slot to push the hand forward and win the coveted prize.
  • Illuminate your path to victory with a brightly lit LED prize display that highlights the array of exciting rewards, enhancing the visual appeal of the game.
  • Easy to understand and play, The Hand’s straightforward mechanics ensure that players of all ages can dive into the excitement without any confusion.
  • The Hand is the perfect merchandiser for an array of prizes, from toys to electronic treasures like mobile phones, headsets, game consoles, and electronic accessories.
  • Operators can tailor the game to their preference by adjusting the payout settings for each prize bin, ensuring an optimal and rewarding gameplay experience.


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