236D x 107W x 228H CM


A gripping arcade game seamlessly combines the thrill of shooting games with the excitement of a zombie apocalypse, offering players an electrifying and interactive adventure. This superbly designed cabinet features a large high-definition display, cartoon-style graphics, 2 individual coin mechanism and 2 ticket dispensers.

Game Features

  • Engage in heart-pounding gameplay as you aim, shoot, and fend off waves of animated undead enemies.
  • The game’s captivating graphics and audio design transport players into a realistic and immersive zombie-infested setting.
  • The eye-catching design, paired with intuitive controls, ensures an engaging and memorable gaming experience.
  • Test your player’s accuracy and reflexes as they take on various types of zombies with different abilities and weaknesses. Quick decision-making is essential to survive the outbreak and secure high scores.
  • The game comprises 4 levels, each level with a 5-minute gameplay
  • Turn the fun level up by picking up a big water prop to increase water gun power making the gameplay more interesting.
  • Collaborative gameplay adds an element of teamwork to win as many tickets as possible.
  • Best income water machine in FEC!


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