206D x 216W x 237H CM


A classic roll-a-ball game pits players in a race against time and the undead. Get ready to unleash your favorite zombie racer and roll your way to victory. This exciting, yet compact 4-player game delivers real competition and is perfect for players of all skill levels, immersing them in a thrilling race between hilarious Zombies!

Game Features

  • Intuitive and fast-paced mid-way derby-style gameplay.
  • Four-player, competitive, skill-based redemption game.
  • Stunning, fully lit Zombie-themed cabinet.
  • Compact modular cabinet design for easy installation and maintenance.
  • An immersive 65” screen.
  • Animated zombie super bonus targets.
  • Choose from 4 hilarious zombies: Bubbles, Coco, Dizzy and Smudge.
  • Hours of humorous gameplay, and commentary.
  • Unique “live” race hosts and commentators.
  • Immersive six-channel audio for a personalized Zombie experience.
  • Operator configurable race time and Payout.

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Prepare for a riotous race against time in SEGA Amusements’ latest thrill, Zombies Ready Deady Go! This skill-based redemption game invites players into a derby-style showdown featuring hilarious zombies. With a compact yet engaging 4-player setup, it promises real competition suitable for players of all skill levels. Led by the eccentric “live” TV presenter Ken Chase and his wacky Zombie Sidekick Brian De’ath, the game offers uproarious humor tailored to entertain every player, especially younger audiences.

Central to the excitement is a vibrant 65” screen displaying each player’s zombie racer and their progress in the race. To outpace the competition, players must deftly roll balls into scoring holes, each propelling their zombie forward. But beware: as the race heats up, animated zombie mouths appear on the playfield, signaling the final sprint for the Super Bonus and ultimate glory! Tickets are earned based on race position and ball scores, ensuring a thrilling and rewarding experience for all participants.

Featuring intuitive gameplay and a fully lit zombie-themed cabinet, Zombies Ready Deady Go! is a standout attraction in any arcade. Its modular design ensures easy installation and maintenance, while the selection of four hilarious zombies—Bubbles, Coco, Dizzy, and Smudge—adds to the game’s charm and appeal. With hours of humorous gameplay and commentary, along with immersive six-channel audio for a personalized zombie experience, this game promises to be a “deadly” addition to any arcade, offering endless fun and excitement for players of all ages.

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