Prepare for an exhilarating gaming experience by inserting coins to initiate the game. Equip yourself with the gun controller and take aim at the targets displayed on the screen, utilizing the rear sight and front sight for precision. Pull the trigger to shoot the targets, engaging in interactive gameplay where some actions can be triggered by shooting the screen itself. With two interactive modes catering to different player preferences, you can strategically eliminate enemies by hitting the targets. Successful hits earn you corresponding scores, while being hit by targets reduces your Health Points, accompanied by special effects to alert you. Should your Health Points reach zero, the game prompts you to renew the round by inserting coins or swiping a card. Upon completion or abandonment of the round, your score is converted into tickets. In case of failure, the game returns you to the main screen for another attempt. Get ready to immerse yourself in the action-packed challenges of the game!

Game Features

  • There are multiple game modes: Hostage rescue, competitive PK, range training and other modes. It is suitable for different players that make a wider audience.
  • Two players can compete in the game on a 75” 4K screen at the same time, which is more shocking, more realistic and more exciting.
  • HD screen, vivid 3D scenes, and fast-paced games bring exciting, cool and more shocking effects.
  • The strong after-force of the gun and the sensitive induction make players gets a high-end shooting experience. Bullseye Crack Shot has a new appearance design of secret agent themed and is a popular product that catches players ‘eyes.
  • High-quality materials, high-end craftsmanship and durable.

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Immerse yourself in the adrenaline-fueled action of Bullseye Crack Shot DX, where every shot counts towards victory! Step up to the challenge by initiating the game with a simple coin insertion, and grab hold of the gun controller to begin your thrilling journey. With targets displayed on the screen before you, utilize the rear and front sights to aim with precision, then unleash your firepower by pulling the trigger. Experience interactive gameplay as certain actions are triggered by shooting the screen itself, adding an extra layer of excitement to the intense battles.

Bullseye Crack Shot DX offers two interactive modes tailored to suit different player preferences, ensuring an engaging experience for all. Whether you prefer strategic hostage rescue missions or head-to-head competitive PK battles, there’s a mode for every type of player. Compete against friends or challenge yourself in range training exercises, all on a stunning 75″ 4K screen that delivers breathtaking visuals and immersive gameplay. Feel the rush as you dive into vivid 3D scenes, experiencing the thrill of fast-paced action like never before.

With its responsive gun controller and sensitive induction, Bullseye Crack Shot offers a high-end shooting experience that’s both exhilarating and satisfying. Every shot fired delivers a powerful impact, immersing you deeper into the heart-pounding action. Plus, the game’s new appearance design, featuring a secret agent theme, adds to its allure, captivating players with its stylish and sleek aesthetics. Crafted from high-quality materials and built to last, Bullseye Crack Shot ensures durability and reliability, making it a popular choice among players seeking thrilling arcade experiences.

Experience the excitement of Bullseye Crack Shot and test your shooting skills in a game that combines immersive gameplay with cutting-edge technology. Whether you’re aiming to rescue hostages, compete against friends, or simply hone your marksmanship, Bullseye Crack Shot promises endless thrills and excitement for players of all levels.

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